The Girl Who Doesn't Talk: Komi and The Struggle With Selective Mutism

2021.10.22 00:16 theothersophie The Girl Who Doesn't Talk: Komi and The Struggle With Selective Mutism

October is Selective Mutism Awareness Month.
Although it's never been explicitly stated in the manga, the "communication disorder" Komi has is almost certainly selective mutism. She is one of the few, if not the only, characters in popular culture who accurately depicts what an anxiety disorder looks like, especially in the manga's early chapters. She freezes up when spoken to, and as hard as she might try, no matter how much she wants to say something, her voice seems to be trapped in her throat; nothing but air comes out. She avoids eye contact and her face is so frozen it appears as an intense glare. It's all played off as a gag in the manga, but what would her life be like if she were a real person?
The Girl Who Doesn't Talk

At school I was known as, ‘the girl who doesn’t talk’. At home I talked fine. In fact, I was quite chatty and animated, but at school my voice just seemed to shut down. I wasn’t completely mute. I spoke to one close friend but when other kids joined us I basically shut down and became a silent observer. I spoke in class, but only when spoken to and I tended to answer with one word responses. Generally, I became overwhelmed with anxiety at the mere prospect of having to talk. I remember the sickening sense of dread that intensified while waiting to share my morning news. I remember the humiliation I felt at being unable to call for the ball during sports lessons
All I wanted was to feel ‘normal’
[source - Jania Williams@diaryofaselectivemute]
The above was taken from an adult selective mute's blog. Her written account is just one of thousands of similar stories. Children affected by SM often don't just 'grow out' of it or 'warm up' to others like a simply shy kid does. They often become anxious and depressed teenagers and then anxious adults if it isn't addressed properly.
Komi-san is a huge contribution to representative media on this issue. We all cheer her on for getting an adaptation and becoming so popular. Maybe others out there who are mute or highly anxious can find something to relate to, and everyone can become just a little more understanding if they meet people with communication difficulties.
I hope everyone who reads this takes something away from it. I'd like to end the post by sharing a moving firsthand account from a girl who has since recovered. Her name is Amber.
If you want to learn more about selective mutism, I recommend looking at iSpeak for information. For resources, look into the Selective Mutism Association, SMIRA, and The Selective Mutism Research Institute. These are charities full of amazing people who raise awareness and provide resources to individuals and families around the world. I'm also happy to answer questions and messages.
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2021.10.22 00:16 Yockerbow A world without mustard

The idea of a world without mustard doesn't even make sense. Think about it... what else would fill the nasally void? What else provides such versatile flavor? Mustard has always been the most beautiful thing on this entire planet. Mustard will always be the most tasty thing in the universe. Sure, mustard alone is questionably tasty. But mustard doesn't work alone, must amplifies other lesser flavors. Even those who claim they don't eat mustard are just fooling themselves. Remember homeopathy? Well, pretty much everything is homeopathically contaminated with mustard, and mustard has brought their food greatness. Donald Trump thinks he can make America great again. No, he alone cannot. But mustard can. We should not build a wall. We should build a goddamn mustard waterfall. Niagara Falls? How about Mustard Falls? This is the only way to make mustard great again, scientifically proven in exactly 0 controlled trials, in eπi +1 peer reviewed journals. Why would this make America great again? Imagine if you could take any boring sandwich and slather it in mustard just by putting it outside. That's right, we're going to make mustard rain. The whole world would be spiced up a notch. Bland sandwiches would be edible again. Decent sandwiches would be mindblowing. Productivity would skyrocket a whopping 10,000% with all the newfound enthusiasm for life. South Korea and North Korea would be friends again. Israelis and Palestinians would stop killing each other. Instead, they would all revel in their love of mustard. Long story short, mustard not only binds this world together, but is the solution for all of this world's problems.
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2021.10.22 00:16 Aidan_Echoes GLITCHED OUT KRAID

The last item i got was crossbombs before inevitably needing to get diffusion, but the game for some reason loaded the post kraid fight room over the pre-fight room and killed the boss. i’ll post pictures later tonight my switch died soon after i entered, but I haven’t heard of this happening yet and felt it needed to be documented somewhere.
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2021.10.22 00:16 thegreatrrm NOT uncomfortable at 40 weeks

Happy due date to me.
I am not physically uncomfortable at all. There's a few positions that stress the belly, but for the most part I feel great. I stopped bothering with the pregnancy pillow, no hip pain, not sore, no BH, got my heartburn under control. Other than the kicks (mostly stretches at this point), I feel about as great as I ever have. Most of my discomfort is just going to the bathroom or BMs and even those are not that bad.
Am I a unicorn? Has anyone else had this experience? Or does my baby/body really just not know what to do next?
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I really don't know
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A bit late to the party cuz extended maintenance and it's 1 AM in the morning but i did it. E2 90 M9 all set. Currently at 276/300 pulls, if i can get 1 extra copy then she'll be Pot5 at the end of her banner. submitted by Cultural_Damage_7832 to churchofskadi [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 00:16 dirtyharrison Klaus Schwab is 83 years old. Joe Biden is approaching 79. Anthony Fauci is 80 fucking years old. Why do these old-ass pensioners have any say in how society and the World works going forward? Why are they ushering in a Great Reset when they probably won't even be around to see it come to fruition?

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Anyone else know when you get your pre-order rewards? I know things have changed since the game went F2P but I haven't gotten my wayfarer package I purchased on steam
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2021.10.22 00:16 micah_a2607 So I was rewatching the whole show again, and in the list S8Ep1 I noticed a name on one of Dwight’s old lists which is Calvin, who I’ve never heard of before although Karen is also on one of the lists so he was there while they were being filmed but I’ve never see him. Has he appeared somewhere?

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2021.10.22 00:16 canceler80 It’s quite revealing how old this game’s audience is by the number of posts showing photos over screenshots

And i am just as guilty
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I need to make a cross platform app with an embedded browser (to bypass iframe limitations). I am web dev so going chromium route will be easiest for me but I see both of these frameworks offer a solution for cross platform .net dev.
Does anyone have any advice which I should choose?
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