2021.10.22 00:59 EpicHeroio 🛡EPICHERO 3D NFT - CERTIK AUDIT IS ONBOARDING ON OCT 18TH 2021🛡

Your fund is super SAFU now with 3 audits (🟢Thoreum Auditing team, 🟢Techrate & 🟢RugFreeCoins) & will be confirmed one more time soon with 🟢CERTIK audit!
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2021.10.22 00:59 SelenaRaven2 Is bamboo fiber pillows good?

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2021.10.22 00:59 Plump_Pimp117 31 IQ

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2021.10.22 00:59 Nomad-Jam For someone who loved Wildlands, what movies/documentaries do you think complement the game?

I ordered Sicario (after having watched some of it) as well as it's sequel. After listening to a pretty long interview about basically Mexican authorities and cartels, I picked up a lot of details and information I learned from Wildlands (like the creepy significance and reverence for Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte). I know the game takes place in Bolivia, but Santa Blanca was a Mexican cartel so some of the details were pretty accurate that I caught.
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2021.10.22 00:59 FelicityKerouac Looking for a dog

I live in Florida, and I'm looking to adopt a small dog. If anyone knows anybody who can no longer keep theirs, please inform me. I'm a dog lover at heart, and I've gone too long without one. I have severe panic disorder and am looking to have one trained as an e.s.a.
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2021.10.22 00:59 madimadison18 I need sugar daddy online i don't have time for scammers

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2021.10.22 00:59 BeenjieB Bruh.

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2021.10.22 00:59 Sir_Micks_Alot69 Fuck you _______!

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2021.10.22 00:59 manicmomma318 Digital Art NFT- "DUALITY" by BittyBish NFT

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2021.10.22 00:59 Mozzarella_Goddess Pancakes or waffles. Why or why not?

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2021.10.22 00:59 Lwong7903 Oil Pulling

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2021.10.22 00:59 Devil8008 Вальхалла

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2021.10.22 00:59 Puzzled-Somewhere90 Anti-brag. This is my luck!

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2021.10.22 00:59 mstang84 Vaccinated by muh bible

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2021.10.22 00:59 Outside-Rent-4213 Daily Dose of Cuteness ft. Vanilla

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2021.10.22 00:59 CatboyBiologist Idk if this is truly femboy, but... Shut up and enjoy my thighs

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2021.10.22 00:59 stars_Ceramic Buyer stealing items from a lot and returning the rest - can I appeal a second time?

Does Mercari have a habit of disregarding sellers input on disputed transactions ?
Buyer purchased a large lot of 60 vintage and antique pendants. Buyer took two days to send me a message at which time she claims that the things that were sent just aren't on par with the "quality" that she expected.
She submits a return request to Mercari and on it, she is claiming that it's not really about the quality so much as I sent her about a quarter of what was promised and pictured in the listing.
I'm honest to a fault.
It's just my word against hers, but it's obvious from the photos that she went through and picked out the items that appeared nicer, and now she gets to steal those from me, and get her money back, and I'm getting returned something I can't resell.
Is there absolutely no way to appeal this again to Mercari? She stole from me and it was essentially facilitated by them. This is my only income. It's hurtful and wrong and unbelievable.
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2021.10.22 00:59 throwaway3664268 The person I loved lied about their age. Need some words of encouragement.

There is some backstory to how this came to be for those who care. I’m merely writing it down because I haven’t been able to unload this stress to anyone out of fear of being ostracised by everyone I know.
My current girlfriend and I met online two years ago. We didn’t meet on tinder or any other dating apps, but rather on a community app as friends.
After dating online for half a year we decided that it’d be nice to finally meet. We both lived in Europe, however I’d have to take a flight to see her (this was fine by me as I had just finished school a few months ago). So, I take a flight and spend a week with her and her parents which was great!
After that week I save some money for a few months so I can go back and visit her again for another week. By this time her family adore me and seem very happy with our relationship, it seems everyone is happy, right? It’s not until my third visit (which is over a year later) that THE problem arises.
We both agreed that this visit is going to longer than the last two, a couple months actually because we haven’t seen each other in over a year. It’s not until I’m there that I discover that my girlfriend of two years is actually 3 years younger than what she originally said she was. I discovered this when I had missed out a key document where I had to give a reason why I was entering the country, which was to visit my girlfriend, and to give proof, and that proof had to be her ID card which my girlfriend provided after some tears and “sorry’s”
She agreed to talk about it the next day because I was beyond exhausted from travelling and finding out my girlfriend had been lying about her age for two years. However we never talked about it properly because we both knew where it would end up, which would be ending our relationship. So for two months I was in denial and perhaps stupidly optimistic about us.
And so I’m here a few months later mustering up the courage to breakup. But, it’s harder than I thought despite being lied to. And it just sucks.
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2021.10.22 00:59 Nightshade-3698 What is that one thing that you will always be grateful for?

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2021.10.22 00:59 SuperStarPlatinum [WP] The genie laughed at you when you wished to always be the smartest most educated person in the room. That was years ago, sometimes the wish uplifts you into intellectual superiority, most of the time it dumbs down everyone else in the room. This has led to some strange situations.

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2021.10.22 00:59 Broken_sou1 currently looking for these 2 i need help finding a website that will deliver these before halloween

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2021.10.22 00:59 Trudakidan Oh no

Old woman stock photo
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2021.10.22 00:59 Torbatalatind What makes someone bad and what doesn't make someone so? People targeting me, personally, over something generally said is often done but who and where'd they learn that from? ( 26 M )

Felt like I should bring some wondrous humans over who think that I should be aborted for literally no reason. You are great friends. (Supposedly I become shit when I'm rude or meant to people, why's telling people that they should've been aborted just seen as funny and a helpful comment lol? Saying fuck you to pepole who say that makes you bad, somehow, not the person who struck first.))
It will be a simple post, for the most part.
I'm wondering how it is that someone becomes bad.
People seem to think of me as shit for putting some of my frustrations and thoughts into a written from and putting it around (A post, as this would be)
I'm bad, for that, according any onlooker I guess.
What I'm wodnering about is the people who turn things personal, for no reason.
I mean, I made a post about being made by rape, and how the fact that most women would've killed me has me bothered. (Pretty reasonable I'd say, I bet you speak of your worries and some things that bother you which would be exactly what I'm doing here...)
However, nearly all the comments that I got were just people saying that I should have been aborted and that the only issue here is that I wasn't aborted.
I'd like to know how someone becomes so shitty that they end up anything like that. It can't be being made by rape that makes someone stupidly thinking like that, I have that going on and I don't go around telling people that they should have been aborted because they said something I didn't like reading lol.
I'm told about how these things being wanted but honestly all the people who I know are doing well and everything are pretty shitty.
not to be rude, but what else is someone who thinks others should be aborted or someone who lies about literally everything other than shit?
TL;DR speaking of my worries makes me shit. (somehow?)
People telling me that I should've been aborted for said worries does not (Somehow?)
I'd like to know how, when, and where this makes any sense.
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2021.10.22 00:59 Ok_Squirrel_7660 FlokiElonPuppy 🐶| Just Launched | 100x from now easily | From Elon Team? | 7% Rewards In Doge BEP20

Did you miss ShibaInu? Don't miss FlokiElonPuppy ($FlokiElonP) and Get your 100x Gain Now NFT Marketplace launching soon and Make this Most Popular Community In World! Rewards in Doge!
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Tokenomics :
☄️ 10% Buy/Sell taxes :
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⚫ 2% Marketing & Buyback -
This tax ensures there is sufficient amount of funds to sustain the coin in the long run and if needed, will be used to buy tokens to support the chart!
1% Locked Liquidity - Meaning that we will always maintain a stable liquidity pool, keeping your investment safer and more sustainable to hold for the long term
(added to liquidity to create solid price floor)
Experimented team of professionals (development, marketing, etc.) 📡
Incoming marketing :
- Poocoin ads
- CG/CMC application
- Price mathematically guaranteed to rise 12% every 8 hours
- Twitter, youtube influencers
- Dextools Trending is planned
- Private investors AMA
- Press releases
- Coingecko & CMC listing
- Banner ads on high crypto traffic sites
- Telegram AMA
- TomorrowLand Concert for Holders
Marketcap target : 500M ! 📈
And more to come ....
Contract: 0x9028783e472f4a752d6a00c036171abef96a9e07
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x9028783e472f4a752d6a00c036171abef96a9e07
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Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9028783e472f4a752d6a00c036171abef96a9e07#readContract
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2021.10.22 00:59 Gem2007 [Discussion] About a Fight between Subaru and Kazuma

So I wanna see what you guys think. Cuz for all I know, Kazuma does have a lot of abilities he could use against Subaru, but Subaru on the other hand, has much better Skill in Combat than he does, I mean Kazuma basically has no notable Martial Arts/Combat Training/Skill. Plus he has better Strength feats than Kazuma. Anyway, I think a fight between them would depend, cuz if it's a Fistfight or with Weapons, Kazuma won't stand a Chance, but if he has all his spells and stuff, he'd probably beat Subaru but Subaru might probably be able to manage or put up a fight. So, yeah....
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