Cat Pictures, Part II

DECinfo Locator We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Приветствую Вас на канале Red Cat. Красный кот обожает играть в РОБЛОКС (ROBLOX) и другие игры. На канале много ... Netcat's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Fat Cat - A Nitrome Game. Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Enter your details mortal. Please fill out this form, don't be afraid to share your data - it's necessary only for your Death Date calculations, the only thing you should be concerned about is the time you have left...

2021.12.07 05:09 Luka-the-Pooka Cat Pictures, Part II

Cat Pictures, Part II
Note the kitten playing with the man's sleeves

Angry cat that cannot reach its food bowl

A cat and a duck embrace, while a monkey leaps overhead

Nebamun's pet cat hunting birds

Artist's trial sketch of a cat

Gold and faience necklace, featuring two cats and the Eye of Horus

Cat ring made of carnelian and gold

Cat amulet of amethyst

Golden cat amulet

Faience ring of a mother and kittens

Mother cat nursing kittens

Cat Pictures, Part III!
The Cat in Ancient Egypt
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2021.12.07 05:09 tomsmiththrowaway10 Blanca Soler

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2021.12.07 05:09 RoboticOperatingBudd On This Day in Nintendo History: Baseball; Mario Party 3; Magical Vacation; Ridge Racer DS; The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and more!

On this day (December 7) in Nintendo history...

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.
(I am a bot. I think that I'm posting Nintendo events from this day in history, but if I've made a mistake or omission please leave a comment tagging KetchupTheDuck).
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2021.12.07 05:09 fraiingy Cmon guys

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2021.12.07 05:09 RemoveMemes Tips gor cleaning the fep

So its pretty simple, i have no idea on how to clean the fep. Currently i use glasswipes and the plastic scraper Any tips or tricks?
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2021.12.07 05:09 Ener23 H:Copper:2.5 caps each Aluminium: 2.5caps each Rubber:1.5 caps each Circuits:2.5 caps each Adhesive: 2.5 caps each Wood:1 caps each w:caps h:flux w:legacy offers,god rolls

Cheapest prices to do only bulk trades! (More than 1k pls) Also im searching for legacys (not junkie pls) or god/good rolls, i have as much flux as u can take . Thanks for reading have a nice day!!
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2021.12.07 05:09 Fragodelaghetto Short sad story.. I just need help.

Hey homies, unfortunately this is bad news. I've been through alot of bad things in the last month. Unfortunately i found myself homless. Im currently in a hostel. I'm a personal trainer & it was all about finding a job & continuing my studies But sadly my life in paris took a hard drift. I'm 25 years old. This is my first time being in this situation. I dont know what to do. I got no friends in paris. I'm asking for help with alot of shame. & since i posted it here. This is my last option. The weather is already cold outside,last night was my last night in the hostel. All i'm asking is to find shelter & a job. I'm not asking to be given any money. & i refuse to take any from anyone. Unless i worked for it. If u read this. Contact me via private message. & thank you.
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2021.12.07 05:09 ghorgh1984 Ayah for the day

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2021.12.07 05:09 TheNoneedlife Beta-Carrotina is available in the shop

Alright, that's the announcement. Please don't flood the sub with all the BC in the shop screenshot. Thank you
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2021.12.07 05:09 hellothere7788matr I just nutted but didn’t orgasm 🤔. This was after my second day of NoFap.

I was penis pumping and it just happened. What is this?
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2021.12.07 05:09 Shimmyshamwham What was the intention behind portraying Marg as liar in The Last Duel?

In Marg's and her husband's POV the sex scenes were odd. Her facial expressions gave you the impression that she enjoyed may have enjoyed it but it wasn't great. Both POVs have the husband asking her if she had an orgasm indirectly. In her POV she mentions trouble with her husband to her friend, then there's a scene with a doctor where he asks her if the sex was pleasurable because the knowledge back then was that if the woman didn't get off then conception was impossible. She tells the doctor it is pleasurable but mentions "the little death" isn't there. Now in her POV, during the rape, which it was, there are moments where when she's face down on the bed it looks like she can't help but express that it feels good. Something that you don't see with her husband, IMO. Fast forward to the trial she's being questioned about her pleasure during the rape, and the fact that she's pregnant and she hesitates to answer before declaring loudly that it wasn't. What I question is the point in portraying the character like this?
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2021.12.07 05:09 TisButAThrowaway__ Life drags and limps so slowly for me

I genuinely have no idea how to start this.
I'm currently a college student working on my bachelors degree in nursing, and I cannot wait to finally be on my own, and be my own person. I live with my parents due to rent being ~$1400 a month for an okay-ish apartment and my job as a pharmacy technician does not pay those hypothetical bills.
I've been pondering a lot recently about going into medical school for anestheology -- my curiosity stemming from my mother being a doctorate-level nurse anesthetist. All I can think is about graduating, working, and moving out in 2 years, then hopefully getting into med school, then doing that for 4 years, and then another 4-5 years to become a full physician.
It feels like every day I wake up, study, do housework, work, and sleep. I have no hobbies or any motivation for them, and I have like... 4 friends that I rarely talk to. The only thing that keeps me going is maintaining a 4.0 GPA in college.
TL;DR: I'm an angsty young adult that cant wait to branch out and probably needs to go to therapy.
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2021.12.07 05:09 Elevatelambloddy Serpent Music

This is definitely in their top 2 greatest albums , an absolute time capsule Dajjal is just so insane
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2021.12.07 05:09 iredditawready My girlfriend is being an asshole and I don't know what to do

Hi everyone! I'll just jump straight into the situation.
My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for just over four months now (I identify as non-binary) however now we are in a break, and 2 weeks ago, we were at a party at our friends house. We're both minors and I don't enjoy drinking alcohol or being around people with alcohol and I've brought this up with my girlfriend before. I set a boundary just saying that I feel uncomfortable being around her when she's drunk as well as anyone that is drunk.
I was about half an hour late to the party and all of the people there (including my girlfriend) had had a lot of shots and were very intoxicated (TMI my girlfriend had started throwing up and passing out on the floor). Another half an hour had past with everyone being a drunk mess and one of the people at the party had a vape and brought it out and then my girlfriend and him (he is gay for context) started "kissing" to transfer the vape smoke into each other's mouths in front of me, twice. The guy also had the audacity to announce that he had just kissed my girlfriend and so I quite obviously broke down. I went to the bathroom and was crying really badly and people started coming to check up on me and ask me how I was, the guy had the audacity to send me half-assed apologies over voice message saying how he was gay and it didn't matter. My girlfriend decided to come into the bathroom to see what the issue was and I was obviously upset so I told her to leave. I was also planning to sleepover at the house because the day after was my girlfriend and I's 4 months and then we could hang out together the next day.
I was obviously mad, frustrated and hurt for the rest of the night and then she wished me 4 months (in which I didn't reply) and I slept over at a close friend of mines house. The next morning I got a long paragraph apology on how she was so sorry in which she also mentioned that when she looked back at the videos from the party, she asked the guy to make out with her too. This was new information to me and a couple of my friends also mentioned that at the party she said the kiss meant nothing because they are "both gay". Along with other things I decided to distract myself from what happened and went shopping with my friends and the next day, I decided to meet up with her to retrieve my things and also tell her that I needed space to think about things. That same day she sent me another long paragraph and this time it was a thank you and she was talking about all the things I've done for her (I showed this message to my friends and they all believe that this message sounded a little manipulative and gaslight-y). The next day she sent another long message (in which my friends all said was so desperate it was getting embarrassing) about how I should talk to her and we can figure things out and then we both won't be hurt anymore. I happened to be in my phone at this time and I just replied to her saying I need a few more days to think about everything and that I did want to talk to her.
I didn't speak to her until yesterday. She went out with all of her friends yesterday and then posted a picture of them all on her story with an convenient song choice of drunk and nasty. I felt that this was a direct attack at me as well as other times throughout the week where she looked absolutely fine hanging out with her friends and having fun. My friend replied back saying "wow that's such a great song choice" and she told my friend that that photo was the only time they were sober yesterday. Which is ironic as she specifically said in her apology to me that "if it hurts the person" she "loves the most" she would stop drinking and she regretted drinking that much and she is scared to drink again (amongst other things) However last night she posted on her story with a black screen, and then kept deleting it, and then she posted is it time yet? And I was extremely confused kind of just skipping the stories and then she kept on posting things on her story (definitely directed at me?) and then deleting them so I replied and asked what was wrong, and she essentially just wanted to ask whether we wanted to meet (WHICH OF COURSE I DONT WANT TO MEET MY HEART HAD BEEN BROKEN?! JUST A WEEK PRIOR AND I WAS STILL THINKING ABOUT STUFF). I basically said that I would want to meet her but not yet as I'm not ready and she understood but it was just a very tone deaf conversation.
So basically after talking to my friends a lot and stuff, they've all told me one thing. Break up with her. However, I still really like her and want to go back to how things were before the party and I want to get over this and treat it as a really horrible mistake. My friends and I were thinking that there could even be like a "trial period" where we are still in a relationship but we kind of just go back to being friends? For a while? And then if it works out we stay in our relationship but if it doesn't work out, then we can go back to being friends. I originally thought this would be a good idea but I'm thinking that maybe a clean break up would allow some time for her to take care of herself, get the help she needs and same goes for me. I still really want to be with her though and even though my friends believe we should break up, they have said that if I still want to get back with her, the minute I see a red flag I should break up with her. Which I completely agree with. I'm having trouble deciding whether I want to stay with her or break up with her and I also asked her yesterday whether she was breaking up with me (because I thought her wanting to meet up with me to talk was about how she wanted to break up with me), but she said that she didn't want to break up with me. On one hand, I really do want to be with her and not... forget what she did, but almost get past it, forgive her and blame it on the alcohol and how intoxicated she was (of course also blaming it on her stupid actions). I also believe that she may change. Or at least she would try to change, despite the things she's done in the past. On the other hand, breaking up with her may allow her to prove herself to me again and she can also get help for herself as well. It could also go the other way of course, (where she just gets over me) but either way maybe that would be good?
TLDR; My girlfriend is gay and kissed a gay dude at a party in front of me (whilst drunk) and was quite apologetic until recently where she has started becoming petty and I don't know whether I should break up with her.
I'm really conflicted and any advice would be great to hear! I'm all ears
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2021.12.07 05:09 ImageAccomplished381 What do you guys think? (NHL) Dec 7

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2021.12.07 05:09 5igorsk Шах и мат аметисты

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2021.12.07 05:09 snl_mango Feeling Betrayed

My ex-boyfriend Kyle and I were together for two years and broke up 7 years ago. The last 5 years I’ve been married with kids. I’m not very active on social media but a few years ago I noticed two of my family members were very active with Kyle- posting messages and communicating like they knew him. The weird thing is A) they don’t communicate that way with me or my husband and kids B) my Uncle Ron has only met my ex once C) he has never spoken about Kyle to me when I’m with him D) my cousin Len has never even met my ex and E) I don’t even talk to Len. I have no idea how they became so close with Kyle since I am the only connection between them. Thinking I had a close relationship to confide in Uncle Ron, I called and told him it seemed disrespectful to continue that now when I am no longer with Kyle. I asked him to unfollow Kyle because I thought it was inappropriate. Uncle Ron was pissed and said who am I to tell him what to do. He said he was not friends with Kyle but follows him because he seems like a good person but he will stop because he didn’t want me to feel hurt. A day or so later, I check my feed and see Uncle Ron posting a friendly message to Kyle’s page followed by another friendly message from my distant Uncle Alfie (Ron’s brothe also Len’s dad). I couldn’t believe it. I no longer speak to Uncle Ron. Uncle Alfie and Len were hardly a part of my life, they are non-existent now. I’ve heard from others they still continue to post on Kyle’s feed but it doesn’t seem like Kyle responds. I don’t pay attention but the facts still hurts me to this day.
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2021.12.07 05:09 Hawtdawgz_4 [Help][Friede][PS4/5][DS3]

Chapel BF
pw: pale
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2021.12.07 05:09 Rushi_Esh ???

Should I wipe my cars windshield with a microfiber cloth or a normal paper towel, I'm scared if it'll scratch the plastic windshield.
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2021.12.07 05:09 Siri_JJ Router Protocol is the best Cross-Chain Liquidity aggregator out there.

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2021.12.07 05:09 Comrade_Alza Executive Action: The AuthLeft Party and the Technocratic Party are Now the only Party formations allowed to have Formal Offices in Purple Province

As of now all Party organizations besides the AuthLeft and Technocratic parties cannot legally establish offices or campaign in Purple Province. Violators will be arrested.
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2021.12.07 05:09 TheOneTEM Why hello there

I have a cold, wbu
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2021.12.07 05:09 RainbowRuby98 Demon's Souls black screen?

downloaded the files for the game, launched it and got to the first archstone in the tutorial. when i loaded into the next area the screen was completely black except my UI. sound and gameplay was still going (could hear my character walk and swing their weapon).
i exited and loaded up again and it happened during the cutscene this time through to me spawning in. i tried once more, decided to try and die and i was invincible against the enemy i found through the darkness.
if anyone has a fix for this it would mean the world to me
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2021.12.07 05:09 12_Semitones The three antiderivatives of sec(θ) in one meme!

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2021.12.07 05:09 mindbird Changing my avatar

How can I get rid of this "style avatar" and use my own?
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