What chapter does jotaro do this

Chapter 5: How Sociologists Do Research Chapter Summary Sociologists conduct research on almost every area of human behavior. The research conducted may be at the macro level, encompassing broad matters such as social structure, or at the micro level, which addresses individualistic and small group interaction. Sociological research is Chapter 10, is indisputably a military force, but one whose intervention is fundamentally motivated by the protection of civilians. This work also does not much discuss the use of drones for delivery of physical goods. This is potentially an important application, particularly in parts of the world lacking good surface transportation ... You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Read through the chapter without studying the scriptures, and determine which attribute you want to study more fully. Then study the key scriptures associated with the attribute. Search for additional scriptures not listed in the chapter that teach about the attribute. Record ideas for developing the attribute in your study journal.

2021.12.07 05:00 fagger--456 What chapter does jotaro do this

Ok so during part 6 when the doctor in examining jotaro and when he touches his head And he punches at him what chapter was it
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2021.12.07 05:00 frflaie [Day 07] - Visualization of crabs movement (both parts)

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2021.12.07 05:00 brushateeth What was the last game story to make you cry?

I'm looking to play a game to make me really feel something, so please no spoilers! Last game that had me like that was undertale true pacifist ending, and I just miss feeling like that.
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2021.12.07 05:00 Naive-Arrival2595 Have a nice day👌🏻

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2021.12.07 05:00 Khoon123 How do fuel vehicles and electric vehicles differ chemically? Like what goes on in their respective engines?

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2021.12.07 05:00 recursive-excursions Merry market box 🎄

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2021.12.07 05:00 aimeedaisy Advice please! I love having long hair, but I have difficulty caring for it properly.

Hey flowy friends, I need your advice as the title says.
My hair is about 24" long, and it is the longest I've ever had it in my life. It's really thick, and throughout the day I like to keep it pulled back, but then I get frustrated with how heavy it is, so I take it down. My hair is kind of puffy with no defined curls, so then I get frustrated with it down, and put it back up, and the cycle continues.
I only use cloth scrunchies, and try to switch it up between pony tails, braids, and twisty buns. What is the best way to keep my hair back without pulling too much on my scalp?
Whenever I wash my hair (every 4-6 days), I'm going through so much conditioner. What brands do you guys recommend? After the shower, it takes me about 15 minutes to brush my hair, and it got me thinking, how often should I brush it out?
Any product recommendations (cruelty free!) and advice is welcome!! I'm not looking to cut my hair short, and I'm really proud of how long it has grown since I stopped messing with it! I want to take care of it as best as I possibly can.
Thanks for reading 😊
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2021.12.07 05:00 AdvancedSubject5413 KRU eliminate sentinels valorant Berlin

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2021.12.07 05:00 Monako_momo 5th welfare event

5th welfare event Hey dear players, welcome to our 5th welfare event, this event's purpose is to ask our players' thoughts about our welfare event. So you can say anything you want during this event(but please do not copy other players' words).
Question: What do you think about our welfare events? What kind of events do you think that we should have in the future?
Platform: Reddit
Rewards: 100 diamonds for all players who entered this event.
Time: Dec.7th at 8 am(GMT) to Dec.9th at 8 am(GMT)
  1. Please do not copy others' sentences.
  2. One id once. One Reddit id can only post once.
  3. No offensive sentences plz.
  4. Please at least say something of your thoughts, your in-game name and server name in your posts.
If you have questions, you can ask us on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.
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2021.12.07 05:00 clint_aka_hawkguy Our 6 month old kitten Maxi on her way to stardom on self developed black and white film

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2021.12.07 05:00 Steven1958 Dawn, Chigwell, Essex

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2021.12.07 05:00 Automatic_Tip_4747 Turkey dinner luck boost. Don't sleep on the turkey dinner! these 3 items from 1 mourningdale chest run 🥶🥶🥶🥶. full luck gear no weapon or shield, 3 luck bags, 2 minor loot luck trophies

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2021.12.07 05:00 BluiceDetroitAnthem BLU ICE Detroit Artist Release's Detroit Anthem the Album

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2021.12.07 05:00 TyrantfromPoland Donald Tusk bez prawa jazdy. Łamie kolejne przepisy

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2021.12.07 05:00 OddSandwich969 INTPs, Jin(BTS, INTP, from some of the sites), Epiphany and love.

I listened to 'epiphany', by BTS, and literally, the part where it says(translated) '... adapted to you with everything...', matches with the way I have loved my crush. I want to explain/prove to her(INFP, probably) that I love her in a similar manner, don't know what to do, how to do,.etc. Also did anyone else also have felt the same?
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2021.12.07 05:00 9021Ohsnap It’s my Cakeday and I’m floating on the Red Sea to celebrate!

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2021.12.07 05:00 almondbobacat just deleted my ubereats account

This app is draining my bank account and hurting my mental health. Time to take back my power and live the life I want to live. No more binges. I am capable. I am strong. I am beating this ED.
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2021.12.07 05:00 SprigTheGremlin Symbolizing numbers?

I believe I heard somewhere once that you can symbolize numbers/time by surrounding the bouquet with the appropriate number of flower stems, although I can't find anything to back me up. Does anybody know how you could convey numbers through flowers?
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2021.12.07 05:00 warmlylife Folding Paper Stool Honeycomb Kraft Paper Round Stool Furniture - Warmly Life

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2021.12.07 05:00 theabbiee theabbie on LinkMarker

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2021.12.07 05:00 AuraNova26 Concept sheet of Felicia...Felicia Rose of my Cryas Darkstalkers reality.

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2021.12.07 05:00 MagnusDeusAlba Eros Dies, Me, Digital, 2017

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2021.12.07 05:00 FondlesTheClown New Map Is Awesome. Gun Meta is Questionable.

Seems like this was an attempt to close the skillgap and to make the game a bit more casual in order to draw back disaffected players. Players who probably would have never left had Epic implemented a functional crossplay/SBMM system in the first place.
The SBMM system that Epic implemented frequently pitted clueless kids (often on console) against streamers, content creators and good players who then farmed these lower skilled players for financial gain and ego. Often when faced with Arena situations themselves, these players were farmed by really good players (comp players) as elim points/50 pots. Bad for content/ego when you're fully pieced, one pumped and humiliated. What do they do then? They retreat back to their safe zone - destroying lower skilled players who then abandon the game.
This gun meta is completely fine in pubs. Lots of bots are completely fine in pubs. Pubs should be boring for really good players. It should be boring for steamers/content creators. This gun meta is boring for comp and from this viewers perspective - it is incredibly boring. Clean editing and shotgun play is actually enjoyable to watch. Watching someone spray into a box is boring. Why should casuals and comp players alike suffer because of a small segment of the overall playerbase?
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2021.12.07 05:00 TheImperios Should Eldar statlines be buffed?

I've it kinda weird that despite being a dying race Eldar models individually are not so expensive or powerful.
Do you think that, say, Aspect Warriors could be given something like a second wound to better show how elite they are?
Not an Eldar player, but was watching the faction for some time thinking of joining and found that aspect of Eldar gameplay weird
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2021.12.07 05:00 LiraSmith Soul mates vs twin flames

Hey I know there are opposing thoughts on this, but I am curious how many of you believe that soul mates are the same concept as twin flame? If not, what is the difference in your opinion?
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