Not sure what I did wrong (please excuse the spelling errors and stuff)

Spelling practice for city names and other place names, such as towns. Improve your listening and spelling by listening to the spelling of particular places and writing down the letters you hear. This is important practice for IELTS listening section 1. Writing down the letters you hear. The place names will be given and then spelled. I’m surprised anyone thought that the older spelling was “judgement.” While I see the reasoning that some believe it is an American spelling not unlike what we did to the word “color,” “judgment” seems, on face value, to be the older form. It makes no sense to spell this word without the “e” in modern usage. Racket is the usual spelling of the word for the paddle-like device used in net games such as tennis.Racquet is an alternative form—it was originally a misspelling of the French word, and has appeared to varying degrees since entering English in the 19th century—now mainly confined to certain contexts, appearing especially in names (e.g., West River Health & Racquet Club) and in reference ... The spell-check function works well, but it's not uncommon for the grammar suggestions to not make sense, or just be incorrect. Every time I type, it will start to correct something (even if it isn't wrong, but it wouldn't know because it doesn't let you even finish a sentence) and then suddenly my cursor is placed somewhere else in the text ... Not Found. The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again. Here's how I fixed it: The issue was that the URL I was entering wasn't the right one. Apparently, the developers did not set a root route, so instead of this: However, even then the NBC did not make it a regular TV show, and the national spelling bee had only been shown twice more in 1974 and 1977 on PBS. Since 1994, the national spelling bee has been broadcasted on the cable-television channel ESPN, with a short trip to ABC in 2006. C3 Tech/Performance - New cam wiped- where did I go wrong? - Sorry about the details but I assume to answer my question this info would be useful. L36 complete rebuild with Schneider cam (racing cam shop local to San Diego). Motor is basically stock with .060 over and forged speed pro pistons for approximate 10.2 CR.... It has been a truly wild year for LeVar Burton.He got to live his dream of hosting Jeopardy!, the internet rallied to support him to be the permanent host.He dealt with the loss of that dream, got a new show, and has now been tabbed to host one of the most iconic youth knowledge contests, the Scripps National Spelling Bee.The organization announced Burton would be the host of the 94 th ... Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's wife died on January 23, 1997. The reason for her death has been explained as mahasamadhi. Mahasamadhi is defined as follows: Mahāsamādhi (the great and final samādhi) is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body.[1][2] A realized yogi (male) or yogini (female) who has attained the state of nirvikalpa samādhi, will, at an appropriate time ... The Spelling Power list is only available in the Spelling Power book -- it has the 5000 most frequently used and misspelled words with built-in review. That is words in student writing. Some word lists are actually words found in children's literature -- like the Rinsland and the Ayers lists which are really old from pre -1950.

2022.01.25 16:19 mustafaa2005 Not sure what I did wrong (please excuse the spelling errors and stuff)

age = input(“Enter age :”) height = input(“enter height :”) if age > 5: print (“you are old enough to ride the rollercoaster”) If height >48: (“You are tall enough to ride the rollercoaster”) If age <5: (“You are not old enough to ride it) If height <48 (“You are not tall enough to ride it”)
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2022.01.25 16:19 unwise_four_eyes How do you respond to verbal harassment?

This morning, I (26F) was on my way to work with my dog and stopped so she could have an emergency potty break (at a shopping centre with a designated area outside the vet).
As soon as I arrived at the grass patch, this man (who I’m assuming was on drugs) approached me and told me how beautiful I was and that he loved me over and over again.
He sat on the wall while I was on the grass patch with my dog and kept repeating that he loved me the entire time my dog was doing her business.
I ignored him in the hopes he’d leave me alone, he then started swearing at me for ignoring him which continued until I left.
I wanted to be brave and tell him to fuck off but all I could do was ignore him for fear of things escalating.
What do you even say to someone when you’re in that position? Do you just say nothing and take it like I did, and wish you were braver afterwards?
My skin was crawling the whole time and I felt so violated. I’m never going to feel comfortable going there alone in case it happens again.
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2022.01.25 16:19 webmediums Cartera Versace para llevar las bolsas de las heces de las mascotas

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2022.01.25 16:19 deusex72 Anime about betrayal

I want an anime/manga where the main protagonist gets betrayed and continues to endure and walk forward. Revenge as a motivation for the protagonist is also theme I would welcome.
My anime list -
Here is my MAL
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2022.01.25 16:19 okay_tay Zonked Boy

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2022.01.25 16:19 _ROBEAST_ Sorry if this comes off as ignorant, but would this be considered a legal connection?

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2022.01.25 16:19 Rookzor Adaptive Command Wheel and Vehicle markers

I quite like the use of the "interactable dot" (in the default UI) above tanks. The one that allows easily communicate with other players. (This dot: More info:
I'm using Aslain's mods for other things and I would also like to tweak how the vehicle markers look, but every option I tried so far resulted in that "interactable dot" disappearing. Is there any mod, or Aslain's setting that would allow both to function at the same time?
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2022.01.25 16:19 Ok_Mathematician4667 Are legend editions limited time now?!!

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2022.01.25 16:19 SchrodingersCigar Results of the 30yr nicad group test are now in. Sanyo hands down the winner. All other brands have popped, crusted, faded, leaked. ALL the Sanyo cells look like new! (Sample pic of about 50 mixed cells)

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2022.01.25 16:19 notleonardodicaprio the phantom

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2022.01.25 16:19 Awkwaboba Outdoor painting practice, by me

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2022.01.25 16:19 Redroses19 Use this code!! Up to $500 bonus cash and free digs in cash miner 💰💰💰

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2022.01.25 16:19 helplesslyhopin How can I open this torrent on a mac?

The instructions are this:

  1. Download and install Node.js from here:
  2. Go to "C:UsersYOURUSERNAME" and create a new folder called "node".
  3. Extract torrent using WinRAR.
  4. Move all files from the "pinkmethuylnenlz.onion" folder to "C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEnode".
  5. Launch "Node.js command prompt" from the start menu.
  6. Type "npm install connect serve-static" and hit enter.
  7. Type "node server.js" and hit enter. You should see a flashing underscore.
  8. Go to your web browser and put in "https://localhost:8081".
  9. Enjoy!
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2022.01.25 16:19 TheYautja666 Suggestions?

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2022.01.25 16:19 dirtygrove94 H: TSE tesla, MuE50, V50c15fr, jug25ffr 25lvc fixers. W: Je plasma or DE plasma

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2022.01.25 16:19 esterfarna_mommy I’m looking for serious and mature sugar baby who knows how to make mommy happy I’m gonna take care of your bills in return

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2022.01.25 16:19 d_trich Mrgirl is catering to the MAP crowd

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2022.01.25 16:19 TheMacBoogie Holy shit.

so my dad saw a meme on twitter since he uses twitter he showed it to me and said, what does this mean? on a pic its said, weakest iron welder pic of buff guy strongest woodworker a pic of a skinny girl and since he doesnt know english, he didnt know 💀 i just said idk
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2022.01.25 16:19 Mathaznias I'm not gonna even jerk this

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2022.01.25 16:19 eldridge2e Is Pat mcafee to WWE as Joe Rogan is to UFC?

I'm enjoying vitamins on my day off. But sounds like he's slowly being on less fights and more just the PPVs or am I just a stoned stooge?
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2022.01.25 16:19 paviolli Parking pass refund again lol

Well I posted on here about 2 weeks ago that I was upset with the parking pass email of us only having 24 hours to decide if we wanna cancel our pass - and just this week I found out my professors are all staying remote. Feeling even more frustrated because how was I supposed to refund my pass in Week 2 and know the format of the rest of the quarter when it turned out I wouldn’t even know until Week 4! Such a blatant robbery of our money and it’s super upsetting.
I emailed UCLA parking and they were as suspected - unhelpful and said the deadline already passed for a full refund. Damn $300 completely wasted on nothing and it feels terrible.
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2022.01.25 16:19 Giancarlo_Nakamoto Humor me for a sec...

Ok, so there's this fictional country called Retardia. Here in Retardia, the inhabitants are called Retards. Now the Retards have a high standard of living, but recently a wave of foreign terrorism has led to an immigration ban proposed and passed by the popular right opposition leaving immigration only coming from compatible countries. As a result there has recently been an influx of immigrants from Latin America and the Far East, which seems to have smoothened over ethnic tensions as the Retards as a whole have a greater cultural affinity for Latinos and Asians.
With their only real goal achieved, the right opposition has gone down in numbers as they have achieved their goal of limiting immigration from countries whose standards of living are low and have large amounts of gang crime.
Meanwhile, the left opposition, unpopular because of its progressive positions on cultural issues has fractured into a party of socialists looking for coalition partners. They're moderate conservatives on cultural issues, but are not formally part of the right, because the right opposes regulations on corporations (unless it's tech companies censoring their supporters for wrongthink).
The other half of the left has merged with the liberal party to create a coalition of social liberals, suckthems, moderate libertarians, neocons, and old establishment politicians who have been kicked out of most of the newer parties. The only things savings the liberal party are the endless support from woke corporations, positive corporate press, and support from large international bankers and progressive moguls such as George Soros.
As a result of the changes in cultural policy, the liberals and neoliberals are heads of the left-wing coalition. Getting into it all now, the most recent election was just ratified yesterday, and we need to figure out how to get a new prime minister in office. The following list of parties is as follows:
Retarded Socialist Coalition: Retarded Labor Party; soft social conservatism, economic socialism, left-wing populism, environmentalism, welfarism, keynesianism (factions) 3.7% +1% Position: Left-wing Likely voters: young, poor, male, highschool educated, Latino immigrants
Worker's Party of Retardia: Marxism-Leninism, Anarchism (factions), Trotskyism (factions), anti-capitalism, militarism .6% -.4% Position: far-left Likely voters: poor, trade workers, young people, far-left, some Chinese immigrants
Retarded Liberal Coalition: Retarded People's Party: Neoconservatism, militarism, Neoliberalism, conservatism (historical, now minority), patriotism, pro-police, fiscal conservatism, libertarianism (factions) 11.8% -6% Position: Centre to centre-left, formerly centre-right Likely voters: Middle aged men, college educated, centrists, rich people
Retarded Liberal Party: Progressivism, neoliberalism, corporatocracy, social liberalism, fiscal conservatism, direct democracy, modern liberalism, consumerism 27% -3% Position: centre-left with left-wing factions Likely voters: Jews, progressives, really rich people, middle aged women, upper middle class, Karens
Retarded Libertarian Party: Liberal Conservatism, Libertarianism, Conservative Liberalism, Deregulation, Libertarian Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Small government ideology, Gun Rights, Neoliberalism (factions) 11.7% +6% Position: Centre to centre-right Likely voters: Young men, atheists, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, lower middle class, centrists
Conservative Coalition of the Retarded People: True Retards: Social conservatism, free market capitalism, market socialism(factions), national capitalism, national-conservatism, paleoconservatism, environmentalism (factions), welfare expansion (factions), gun rights 22.7% +2% Position: centre-right with right-wing factions Likely voters: men, uneducated, middle class, lower classes, religious people, patriots, ethnic Retards
Retards! Action!: Isolationism, trade protectionism, religious democracy, self-sufficiency, social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, minarchism, paleolibertarianism 18% +3% Position: Centre-right to right-wing Likely voters: religious, libertarians, young people, conservatives, working class
Direction Retardia!: Hard conservatism, welfare chauvinism, paternalistic conservatism, right-wing populism, environmentalism, state capitalism, conservative socialism, anti-globalism, isolationism Position: right-wing Likely voters: young retarded men, working class, conservatives, socialists, Latino immigrants (ironically)
Nation, Nazbol, and Retardedness Coalition: This is just a coalition of different fringes of the right wing who are together because nobody wanted them Retarded Nazbol Party: Ethnic hatred, Leninism, Reactionary Social politics, anti-capitalism, national bolshevism, state atheism, antisemitism, Deng Xiaoping thought .5% +.4% Position: Culturally far-right, economically far-left Likely voters: Edgy 20 yos that's it
Retards First Party: Groyperism, Clerical Fascism, economic centrism, reactionary conservatism, right-wing populism, anarcho-capitalism (factions), anarcho-fascism (factions) 3% New party this season Position: far-right Likely voters: young men, very religious, edgy people, anarchists, reactionaries
The Retards for Freedom and Liberty: Anarcho-capitalism, complete defunding of all government institutions, privatization of all government spending, hypercapitalism 1% -2% Position: Economically far-right, culturally center Likely voters: Young people, e-thots, edgy people, anarchists, and some conservatives
Here's how elections work: in order to elect a prime minister, you need 50% of all seats to vote to confirm them. Since there are 200 seats in Parliament, for each .5% of the vote, each party will get one seat.
How this game will work: you neolibs can pick any party (preferably one in your ideology, but it doesn't have to be), and try to convince other parties to vote for your guy. Though I will say I am a conservative, I'm just looking for a little fun, so all options are currently on the table. Please don't look too far into this, I just want to see what ideas will come out of the heads of you all. I'll be going around to other political subreddits to try something similar there, too.
Any questions will be clarified.
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2022.01.25 16:19 dont_throw_me_away12 Hi, need some advice.

Lately I've been really down in the dumps due to low self esteem. I recently got rejected by the person I'd been in love for almost a year after he let my hopes up. And it's just sent me down this rabbit hole of hopelessness. I'm constantly being haunted by words that echo that no one will ever love me...that I'll die loveless at the end because I'm no one special. And honestly that's really true because there is absolutely no reason for anyone to want me. Not even my own parents want me haha...they constantly tell me that they should have gotten a better son but that's another story.
I don't want to die unloved! And so I'm trying little by little to become a better me...but it's making me so hollow. It just feels like no matter what I do, there is no chance anyone will ever want me. And it makes it hard to even want to get better. It just feels futile and I end up backtracking on all progress. I can't even look in the mirror because it brings me to tears. It's so painful living like this. It doesn't even feel like I'm a human anymore.
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2022.01.25 16:19 newCRYPTOlistings newCRYPTOlisting: Tranquil Finance (TRANQ) now listed on Hotbit

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2022.01.25 16:19 Spearitualist funny shop bug dont know if this is a known bug or something but I thought it was quite funny
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