Dividir pasillo PH. Puedo?

2022.01.25 16:11 StatusWalrus9 Dividir pasillo PH. Puedo?

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2022.01.25 16:11 bachfromthebleachers Clash Royale - Football Offense

Clash Royale - Football Offense This post may get lost in new since I'm not sure what the overlap is between Clash Royale fans and sports fans. Can't imagine it's too large but screw it. Slow day at work and the adderall's working overtime.
With the NFL playoffs in full swing, I couldn't help myself but ask, "What would a starting football offense look like consisting of Clash Royale characters?" Who'd be the best fit for each position? Who'd carry our team to the Superbowl?
Lucky for you dweebs, I did that research (consulted my own brain) myself and I'm proud to present to you the Clash Royale Football Team .
Couple of disclaimers before I begin regarding how this works:
  1. I only researched cards for their offensive viability. Defense is boring and definitely doesn't win championships (see: Bills vs. Chiefs last Sunday).
  2. The offensive personnel that had to be filled was: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver (x3), Center, Guard (x2), and Tackle (x2) for a total of 11 players (the regulated amount of players on one side of the ball in professional American Football).
  3. For cards that consist of multiple entities (ie. barbarians) I chose to only use a single unit as I'm confident coached would use 5 of any player at any position if they had the choice. Seemed like cheating.
  4. Cards that have secondary abilities (ie. Electro Giant stun) can keep those abilities since, after all, this is completely fictional, and honestly, makes it more fun. Sue me.
  5. A card can only be selected for 1 position.
  6. I chose to disqualify all flying units for obvious reasons. If you disagree, make your own list. I dare you.
With all that in mind, let's run through the cards I thought about for each position and a little discussion for each (listed in order or rarity by position considered).

In Football, the quarterback is the commander of the offense. Everything flows through him/her. Qualities that make a great quarterback are athletic ability, strong throwing arm, and leadership.
Golden Knight - For obvious reasons, seems like the option with the most leadership qualities as he is a Champion. Also pretty tall and athletic. However, melee fighter and have doubts about his throwing ability/accuracy.
Ram Rider - Great throwing arm given the sling thing she tosses and seems pretty athletic. Would have great manueverability and has the charging mechanic to work with in open space. Leadership qualities questionable but to me she seems like a bad bitch and I'd follow her into a (football) battle. Ram not included (or can be included I don't really care).
Fisherman - Solely considered since he's gotta have pretty good arm strength to continuously toss that damn anchor willy nilly. Seems kinda chubby tho and don't know how his leadership would be.
Executioner - Similar to Fisherman, considered due to the fact that he's tossing that damn scythe/axe all the time, gotta assume he has pretty good arm strength. Again seems relatively chubby, but I think would have better leadership than Fisher-boi.
Wizard - Another ranged fighter considered solely because of that reason. Seems short, but athletic. Questionable leadership since his ego might get in the way.
Knight - Great stats for his cost. Why wouldn't he get considered?
The running back is the cornerstone of any great offense. Controls the pace and is essential in all aspects, schemes, and play-calling. Qualities should include athletic ability and toughness.
Lumberjack - Seems like a great fit here. Fast, agile, (relatively) tough. Also carries around that damn rage bottle so you have to assume he'd be pretty good at holding onto a football.
Bowler - Big beefy boi. Tough and carries around that boulder so would have some knowledge in regards to carrying a football. However, pretty slow, wouldn't be able to outrun any defenders.
Hog Rider - Seems like the best all-around athlete. Great speed and toughness. Hog or no hog, could see him being a great athlete in the backfield.
Royal Hog - Maybe puncture the football on a tusk and send him on his way? Would have to bring extra balls.
Elite Barbarian - Same as hog rider, seems like a phenomenal athlete with exceptional toughness.
Knight - Great. Stats. For. His. Cost.
Wide receivers are the last 'skill-position' player on the offense. They spread the field and can transform any offense. Qualities should include athletic ability (with an emphasis on speed/quickness), elusiveness, and good hands.
Bandit - Small, athletic, quick. Has the dash ability which could come in handy when trying to get away from defenders. Quarterback could throw the ball to places that only she could get to.
Royal Ghost - Invisibility could be the unfair advantage that we need. However, seems pretty old and brittle and I worry that our quarterback wouldn't be able to see him given that he's....invisible.
Miner - I trust you guys can figure this one out on your own.
Dark Prince & Prince - Seem pretty athletic and their charge ability could come in handy.
Hog Rider - Similar argument as when he was considered for running back but now his speed is his most useful asset.
Dart Goblin - Speedster that could lengthen the field. Would be able to outrun most, if not all, defender. Worry a bit about his daintyness and small frame.
Knight - Are you noticing a pattern yet?
The tight-end is a dynamic, hybrid position. This player can act as an extra blocker or can run a route like a wide receiver. Essential position in today's NFL and acts as a security blanket for the quarterback. Qualities include a large frame for blocking but also must possess enough athletic ability to run a route.
Mega Knight - Large body, but athletic. Could very easily block a defensive lineman, then turn around, leap to an open spot on the field, and catch a ball for a forward gain. Worry a LOT that he can't catch a football given he has goddamn spike balls covering his hands.
Dark Prince & Prince - Again, similar argument to when they were previously considered. Seem like great athletes and have relatively larger frames allowing them to block.
Knight - ...
PICK: DARK PRINCE or PRINCE (choose your adventure)
These 3 positions make up a standard offensive line. The offensive line is responsible for blocking oncoming defenders, protecting the quarterback, and establishing running lanes for the running back. The center is the anchor of the line, with 2 guards on either side of him, and 2 tackles on each end. Qualities include being beefy, never skipping a meal, overordering on Ubereats, and toughness.
Skeleton King - Big but fragile. Would not want him anchoring the line but would be effective on the outside given his slightly faster movement.
Mega Knight - Same argument as before when he was considered for tight end, but he doesn't have to catch a football. Could be a smash spot for our beloved boi.
Golem - The beefiest of bois. Would not let anyone touch our sweet sweet quarterback. However, worry about his ability to snap the ball since if he lifts his front 2 arms he may fall on his face. Not ideal.
Electro Giant - Continuing on the trend of beefcakes - this guy is HUGE. Also would love the fact that he could stun defenders. Could give us an edge.
Giant Skeleton - Another unit - would do better on the edge given his fragile frame (made of bones) and the fact that he has relatively faster movement speed. Could lead to better lateral movement.
Giant - The classic vanilla lardo. Nothing wrong with the classics - they always play.
Royal Giant - Just the giant, but would have to carry his cannon? Not a fan, and not a fan of his 'royal-ness.' Need someone who's gritty and not afraid to get down in the mud.
Rascal Boy - Viable, but not as big a frame as our other options. Could get overwhelmed easily.
So, with all that in mind, here's my team in all it's glory:

Clash Royale Football Team™ - Starting Offense
All in all, I think we've got a good squad here. Versatile and mean.
Interested to hear what you guys think. What did I miss / what could be improved?
Last but not least, GO BEARS (bear down) and F**k the Packers!
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2022.01.25 16:11 rodriguezfrancesw00 CDC action heats up debate over vaccine boosters

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2022.01.25 16:11 Dreyfussy15 Thank you Mary Jane Ditkovich

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2022.01.25 16:11 1MinuteSounds NFT MUSICAL PROJECT + GIVEAWAY DISCORD

Hey Guys!
We are 1MinuteSounds!

We are a young group creating unique and original of 1 Minute each.
**Our NFT are unique and original**, because they were created by our beatmaker being part of the group 1MinuteSounds,
They will be of any kind, in order to touch a maximum of people and thus satisfy them.

Our Collection will be composed of 60 sounds (like 60 seconds making a minute)
The holders who will have the most NFT will have the privilege to be advantaged compared to the others (for example the one who will have the most, will have a sound, with his image, he will fill a schedule of conditions so that the beatmaker makes the sound which he wishes).
We will organize events (Giveaway, Blind test...etc) to make win NFT through them and of course, promote our project.

We just started and released our 1 NFT on Opensea to promote the others Sounds!
Eventually, **our wish would be that our musical creations could integrate a metaverse project** (through a radio station for example, or even an event created around 1MinuteSound in the metaverse...etc).
We are particularly invested in this project and make sure to promote it, I hope you will like them!!


Follow us to be informed of the Project !
Twitter : https://twitter.com/1MinuteSounds
OpenSea : https://opensea.io/collection/1minutesounds
Discord (in construction but you can still come) : https://discord.com/invite/vaJwtSTAEW
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2022.01.25 16:11 Graylashfire How can I help my brother?

I (20) have two brothers who are 21 and 16. The three of us could not be more different. My older brother had a rough patch in high school, failing/ skipping classes, doing drugs, sneaking out to party etc. However, He started getting his shit together around the 12th grade and graduated. He did really well in college and is planning to be a firefighter or something along those lines. He still lives at home but works like crazy, got a promotion, gets paid well and recently bought a car. He has a great girlfriend and just seems to be on a good path. I did really well in high school, got scholarships to universities and currently live in an apartment near campus. My parents are really proud of my academic achievement but we fight a decent amount because of their lack of understanding me being neurodivergent and non binary, they also don’t like my boyfriend who is trans and goes by he/they. My little brother is kind of the outlier right now. As soon as he got into high school he fell into a bad crowd, got into drugs and starting failing and skipping classes the same way my older brother did. I thought this was just a phase too but I’m starting to get scared. He just doesn’t care about anything and doesn’t care he’s basically failing out of high school. He gives no thought to what he’s going to do when he graduates or life in general. He shuts us all out and won’t talk to us, even when he landed in the hospital after an OD when he was 14/15 and fights a lot with my parents. He’s never had a job (my older brother and I had been working consistently since we were 14) and relies on my parents to give him money. He has no motivation to do anything and has resorted to stealing money from me and my parents. Even though mental illness runs in our family (depression, anxiety and attention disorders) he refuses to go see the doctor, try medication or go to therapy. I cant understand why. He’s gotten a little better in the past few months since he ditched his awful gf and started dating an amazing new girl my family and I adore. Since I’ve moved out our relationship has even started getting better and he actually comes to me and talks to me about things sometimes. Still, I know he’s not talking at all to our parents or our other brother and is still into drugs and is failing his classes. He’s started having panic attacks and my parents are doing his best to help him (they learned the dos and do nots from my own mental illnesses since then. They were shit helping me and I had to do everything myself, get myself on medication, get myself diagnosed and start therapy. But I was the guinea pig I guess and I’m just glad they’ve learned how to deal with it better for his sake)
I feel helpless, I want to help him but he won’t listen, I feel like this is my fault. As a kid because he was the youngest of our whole family (cousins included) he was teased a lot and I feel like that plus our parents babying him as the youngest has driven him to pull away as some kind of way to prove himself that’s he’s not a baby. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to get through to him, what can I do?
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2022.01.25 16:11 BestKarthusPlayer Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks – Betting Odds and Free Picks

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2022.01.25 16:11 TopBrammetje123 Join the Alpha Kongs Club Discord Server!

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2022.01.25 16:11 HelpfulHolly U.S. Notary service in Vancouver?

I am in need of getting a document notarized by a US notary and am trying to find a way to do that while not crossing the border.
The U.S. Consulate had suspended in person notary services for the foreseeable future. I have done some googling but can't seem to find any viable solutions. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
I am fully vaccinated and could cross the border, but honestly I am intimidated at the thought of doing that. It feels like the requirements for safe travel change so frequently and because I run a business that has in person appointments getting it wrong and having to quarantine would be a nightmare I'm trying to avoid.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2022.01.25 16:11 cobue Virgin Atlantic A359 in PMI today

Hi Guys!
Any idea why G-VJAM was today in PMI?
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2022.01.25 16:11 Available-Plane2345 Dear Russians of Reddit, tensions and actions of the U.S. and Russia are headed on a path of mutual destruction very quickly. What are your feelings about the situation in Ukraine? What is your media telling you about it?

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2022.01.25 16:11 dlonslippers Thank you React. You allowed me to build a complex pandemic simulation game where you can be in charge of your country to achieve herd immunity

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2022.01.25 16:11 matteson4 Getting into grad school

Hello all! I am sorry if this type of question has been asked previously—
So when I went to community college I had no idea what I wanted to do and had no cares in the world (resulting in a whopping 2.22) but once I transferred to state school I got my act together and got a 3.5 in my upper division (environmental studies). I love school and I just graduated with a BS degree and want to continue on. Yet I feel like my grades will hold me back. I never made that great of connections with my professors due to being solely online so my LOR may not be that great either. Am I shit out of luck? Lol
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2022.01.25 16:11 emi_ehlinger Appa from the last air bender by me

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2022.01.25 16:11 jbarks19 Hip dysplasia. Please tell me it’s going to be ok.

When my baby was born the nurse mentioned something was off with her hip. The Ped who visited us in the hospital said she wasn’t concerned. We’ve since had 3 pediatrician appointments (regular checkups) and I have mentioned it every time and no one said we had cause for concern.
Fast forward to 10 weeks and we go yesterday for my baby girls 2 month check up and the doctor immediately says we need to get her hip checked out immediately. We went for an ultrasound today and received the below report. We see a specialist tomorrow but of course I fell down the Google rabbit hole and I am devastated for my baby. I just need someone to tell me it is going to be ok.
“Real-time sonography of the hips was performed with and without stress maneuvers.
On the right, there is a markedly shallow and dysplastic acetabulum with essentially 0 percent coverage of the femoral capital epiphysis by the acetabular roof. There is an abnormal alpha angle measuring 26 degrees.
On the left, there is 41 percent coverage of the femoral capital epiphysis by the acetabular roof. There is a normal alpha angle measuring 56 degrees. There is no evidence of subluxation during stress maneuvers.
Severe developmental dysplasia of the right hip with markedly dysplastic acetabulum. The femoral head is essentially completely dislocated and slightly proximally displaced.
Mild developmental dysplasia on the left.”
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2022.01.25 16:11 foxandbyrd GL Energy Farming

I know this is a question that has been posed before, but I can't seem to find it. When farming for GL energy what are the best value nodes to do so? I remember the 20 energy ones are not the best. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 16:11 Sialorphin Purchased more expensive printer 4 years ago just to throw it away like a cheap one. Need a new printer advice

What would you like to accomplish? Printing 1-2 times a month 2-5 sheets. Scan to PC and copy 1-2 times a week
Are there any models you are currently looking at? I have no idea about printer brands and models
Minimum Requirements:

Any other details: I have heard that some printer brands are not reliable at all. Had a canon PIXMA 925 because it was more of an expensive one and I didn't want to buy cheap and twice again. Now I have an error blocking the printhead making every other function somehow useless as well. Looks like even the more expensive ones are scam.
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2022.01.25 16:11 interwebsuser [Omega Seamaster] Help identifying an old watch - gold plated? 1950s?

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2022.01.25 16:11 Tek_E_Dude Not a bad birthday haul. Having a lot of fun with It’s a Wonderful World right now before I jump into Spirit Island. I prefer IAWW simplicity to TM:AE, but miss the theme.

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2022.01.25 16:11 RoughsGass 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.25 16:11 Petfre Blockchain dictionary

Hi guys! I came across a blockchain dictionary called Felix, where you can save a word on the blockchain forever. As i understand they are launching their Google store app any day now. Its part of the immutable project. Thought maybe this could be of interest to you.
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2022.01.25 16:11 NoAnxietynofear Demigod build , Speedboosting Lebron James Build

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2022.01.25 16:11 Blatus4980 Demande de la part de mon gestionnaire de location, qui est aussi le syndic, afin de joindre mes voisins

J'ai retrouvé un nuisible chez moi il y a de ça quelques semaines. J'ai tout de suite contacté l'agence en charge de la gestion locative de l'appartement dans lequel je suis. La loi étant claire sur le fait que le propriétaire doit prendre à sa charge le maintient en état convenable de l'appartement, j'ai été surpris quand la gestionnaire m'a coupé pour me dire "je vous arrête c'est à la charge du locataire."
Je lui ai fait un rapide rappel à la loi et ils ont dépêchés sur place des professionnels qui en sont arrivé à la conclusion que les nuisibles ne venaient pas de chez moi mais certainement de chez un voisin.
L'agence locative par laquelle je passe est aussi le syndic des appartements de tout mon bâtiment. J'ai reçu un mail me demandant d'aller voir mes voisins et de leur demander leur numéro de téléphone pour que l'agence (et donc le syndic) les contacte et prennent rendez-vous avec eux pour que les mêmes professionnels interviennent. Pour info/complément, tous mes voisins sont propriétaires.
Je trouves cela étrange, voir même, ressemblant à du travail déguisé (des grands mots qui pourraient être appelé un simple "service" mais cette agence est dans un rapport constant d'opposition).
Est-ce à moi d'aller voir mes voisins et sous quel prétexte peut on me demander d'aller leur demander leurs informations personnelles (nom et numéro de téléphone) afin qu'une société prenne contact avec eux ?
Merci d'avance et bonne continuation/journée/soirée à vous!
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2022.01.25 16:11 Sentient-Sock It’s always more fun playing multiplayer :)

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