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Am I a deep Autumn? My test says deep Winter? Thanks!

2022.01.25 16:11 Bananarama1984 Am I a deep Autumn? My test says deep Winter? Thanks!

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2022.01.25 16:11 Cold-Couple8387 Why is console aim so bizarre in this game?

I got this game thinking it’d be great but it’s unplayable (in my opinion) as everything feels so clunky.
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2022.01.25 16:11 zuleyha84 60% off >> $174.99 >> Bmax B2 Plus Mini PC Banggood Coupon Promo Code [N4120 8+128GB SSD]

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2022.01.25 16:11 Due-Growth-7353 Dropped my lighter in VR and the terror insued...

So I was playing my first solo last night in VR. In the process of swapping my lighter for another tool I must have dropped it. Went to relight my torch after it was extinguished and no surprise surprise, no lighter. Straight up went into panic mode. All I had on me of use was my ultra shitty level 1 hard hat and a transmitter. All I could do was communicate via transmitter and traverse the tomb nearly blind. It was absolutely terrifying and one of the most memorable VR experiences I've ever had. Straight up felt like the scene in The Mummy (1999) when Mr. Burns dropped his glasses.
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2022.01.25 16:11 MeowyMcMeowFace Remote working with US company

Can I work remotely in Ireland (as an EU citizen) for an American company as a contractor self employed?
Also, can they use my services if I am not a US citizen?
Pretty confused on how it works...
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2022.01.25 16:11 con3dor I don’t know how to plan a cross country trip across the states!

Its january, im leaving from north idaho, and my car is 2 wheel drive. But i want to see as much as possible. Does anyone have recommendations about how to plan my route? I want hot springs, moab/Utah in general, skate parks, good food, and i have my dog.
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2022.01.25 16:11 Salt_Motor_5270 So, does anyone know how much impact defense lowering has?

I always hear that it's almost useless but if you massively lower defense lots of times in a turn it should make at least some difference right? If anyone has the calcs of how it works please let me know.
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2022.01.25 16:11 bebbanburgismine How two people dating and fighting IRL derailed my first D&D campaign.

This was from my first campaign, almost a decade ago. We were playing a 3.5 campaign set in Waterdeep. At the time, our DM had a ten-year-long experience. He started DMing with 3e and 3.5e, when those were published in the early 2000s and he was following the rulebook and the lore very closely. Se characters of this story are the following: The DM: the one I described before My GF: a rogue and wannabe arcane trickster Zack: my GF's brother, bard Jeff: one of my GF's friends, paladin Julie: Jeff's GF, rogue too Charlie: one of GF's friends and co-workers, swashbuckler Kate: one of GF's best friends and DM's co-worker, sorceress and I: the cleric and healer of the party (all names are fictional)
As you may have already noted, we were quite a crowd. Jeff, Julie, Kate and I had no experience at the time. Kate, Jeff and I were very interested in trying D&D, Julie was there partly because Jeff wanted to try, but she was not very into the game.
So we play a few sessions together, three or four and Julie drops out of the game, stating that she had many things to deal with IRL. Later that week we learned from both Jeff and Julie that they broke up on bad terms and, consequently, she didn't wish to continue playing since she didn't want to see him again. Understandable. The campaign goes on with no other issues, then Kate starts becoming the "that girl" of the situation. She doesn't pay attention to what's going on, spends a lot of time on the phone, role-plays poorly and erratically, and doesn't even care to learn the rules. For instance, after 8 sessions she keeps ignoring how initiative and the saving rolls work (in that edition, as you might remember, they were FORTITUDE, WILL, and REFLEXES). She then starts showing up whenever she wants to and is very inconstant. The DM doesn't call her out and we don't know if they ever talked about this.
We go on some months like that, the campaign is good and we are having fun. The DM is very fair in how he balances the encounters and in his judgment. Suddenly, Kate starts attending regularly and we are quite happy that she finally started taking the thing seriously. This is where the horror story starts.
She is attending regularly now, but we kind of notice that she is flirtier than usual and that her jokes are also raunchier than usual. We figure out quickly that the target of her attention is Jeff. We are all a little embarrassed at first since it seems that Jeff is not into it, but immediately after, he starts returning her attention and starts flirting back. We go on like that for weeks, with her getting flirtier and raunchier every time and us, getting more and more embarrassed at first and then more and more annoyed as this was going on. To give you an idea, Kate was not just being inappropriate, but she even brought the Kamasutra and "50 shades of grey" and other erotic stuff at a session and, out of nowhere, started reading her erotic stuff loudly, interrupting the Dm or us role-playing. The DM never had such a situation and privately, begs my GF for help in dealing with Kate. My GF confronts Kate about this, Kate says she is very much into Jeff. My GF says she is OK with it, but that the thing was very embarrassing and annoying for everyone else and asks her to tune it down. She apologizes and says she would be more careful. The thing ended there. In the end, they were two friends and two consenting adults. They were annoying but didn't actually disrupt the game.
After a while, the drama finally occurs. After the end of the session, Kate gives a lift to Jeff and they end up kissing and spending the night together. So, here it is, we are done here, would you think? Not at all. In fact, as my GF told me, in the following days, when Kate reached out to Jeff to discuss what happened between them and about their relationship, Jeff started making long speeches on how much he missed Julie and how much this was a mistake. Kate confronted him about him flirting back at her, their kiss, their night together and he just answered that it was all in her mind, that they had sex but he never meant to and that essentially his feelings for her were all in her brain. As you may imagine, she gets mad at him for being gaslighted like that and drops out of the campaign too, not before telling my GF what happened.
Soon after I had to drop out too because I had a huge fight with my parents and decided to move out to another city where I've just found a new job, a 2-hours drive by car, to reduce my contact with them to a bare minimum. Remote-playing wasn't a thing at the time and the DM wasn't positive about that. We then play a session where I am appointed head of a temple of my god in Waterdeep and join the local clergy. My PC becomes an NPC and both my temple and former PC are used as hospital/physician for post-quest recoveries. At this point, just My GF, Zack, Jeff, and Charlie are playing.
The campaign goes on again for another six months, with no other incident until the fight with the final boss... That very same evening, before the session Kate went to the DM's apartment to bring him something from the office and talk about work (they were co-workers, as stated before). Despite her no longer playing, the DM offered her to stay longer for the session and to play the final fight against the BBEG. He also offers her to level up the character to match the others
Then, when the session starts, the sorceress, out of nowhere, alerts the BBEG about their arrival with some sort of enchantment (it's ten years now and my account at this point is through my GF and Zack) and sides with the Bad guy, to the surprise of everybody, DM included. (who didn't see that coming, since she wasn't very much into role-playing). The session ended up with the BBEG kidnapping/rescuing (we still don't know at this point) the sorceress and leaving his den while sending against the party his minions and his strongest lieutenants. The battle is won, even though everyone is very badly hurt and they were very close to getting TPKed. Players are kind of very pissed at Kate, especially Jeff. The DM is between embarrassed and amused at this point and Kate just says that she was trying to be funny and that they were getting it too personal. We don't know if it was an act of revenge against Jeff or else.
Unfortunately, the guys never got the chance to find the BBEG and kill him after that. In fact, right after that episode, my GF and Charlie had a huge fight at work who got immediately very personal and very sour and decided to both leave the campaign. To give you a complete picture, they even asked to be moved to different places and positions because they couldn't even stand each other.
This is the first horror story I have experienced, even if not the worst one. Hope I didn't bore you with its length.
Tl, dr: my first campaign is blighted by IRL fights between players. In particular, a player betrays the party as an act of revenge because the player she was dating IRL dumbed her after leading her on and gaslighting her.
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2022.01.25 16:11 lemmecreateanaccount When you just want to try out some cool shit with a character but the opponent plays Hero

I didn't have that much time today but I at least wanted to try out some of Sonic combos in a real fight (yes I know, lame character choice but I was inspired to play him after seeing some aggressive gameplay in my Youtube recommandations) so I could see how useful they actually were outside of the training room as well as spindash cancelling
Turns out I didn't have time to try out anything since I always had to keep an eye of the fucking menu so I wouldn't be killed at 0 by one of the spells I didn't avoid. Always had to deal with some bullshit like a knockback boost or a speedier opponent. So I just played bad throughout the games, SDing once or twice, since I was in a learning mindset and lost all the few matches we had before I was forced to go. Great video game, absolutely not frustrating to play on certain conditions
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2022.01.25 16:11 Luenrd 0.005 away from getting a 4.2 GPA

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2022.01.25 16:11 iamrktr San Diego, Ca.

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2022.01.25 16:11 MrBigish123 If you Come to Bangkok you must Come Here | Si vienes a Bangkok, debes v...

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2022.01.25 16:11 proxys_art UPVOTE AND LIKE ON OPENSEA!

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2022.01.25 16:11 Skullcrusher_119 Which of the following years has been the best year for you?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 16:11 jazzychoi1991 Pokémon Celebration (50/50) completed + promos too

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2022.01.25 16:11 nukejukem23 Doodles Denza - #0001

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2022.01.25 16:11 chai_tea_latte_55 220124 Kihyun UNIVERSE Update

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2022.01.25 16:11 MetalBeam472 Rate my cat

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2022.01.25 16:11 Cmaclia I sent my buddy some of his mail that didn't get forwarded!

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2022.01.25 16:11 betakropotkin Thangam Debbonaire reselected without full process

Source: https://twitter.com/siennamarla/status/1486015987673673736?t=Zl-YTk4TH4Don6HD7_PfqA&s=19

Thangam Debbonaire has been reselected without a full selection process, after winning all branches and affiliates that returned a quorate vote before the deadline, I'm told. Bristol West one of the first seats to complete their trigger ballot process.
Looks like a bit of a stitch up if I'm being honest. Still, good that the greens could be in for a second seat.
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2022.01.25 16:11 VivaciouslyVicarious Vivy in the Archive by K1909

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2022.01.25 16:11 Beckles28nz Boris Johnson: Sue Gray has received photos of parties in Downing Street which show the PM next to wine bottles, Sky News understands

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2022.01.25 16:11 amwatts Old School Squig

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2022.01.25 16:11 Foggy_Prophet If you're running on Windows you'll need to update to v0.2.1 - beta.1

Release notes
This release does not include any updates in Smapp. Meanwhile, it bundles a Go-Spacemesh v0.2.12-beta.1 which has an important hotfix for the Windows platform.
Compiled Binaries
Windows: https://storage.googleapis.com/smapp/v0.2.1-beta.1/Spacemesh%20Setup%200.2.1-beta.1.exe
macOS: https://storage.googleapis.com/smapp/v0.2.1-beta.1/Spacemesh-0.2.1-beta.1.dmg
Linux: https://storage.googleapis.com/smapp/v0.2.1-beta.1/spacemesh_app_0.2.1-beta.1_amd64.deb
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2022.01.25 16:11 legitaments when you almost do more dmg than the entire enemy team

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